Sunday, September 22, 2013

HEAR: Tina Arena's first newsong in 12 years

    She’s truly one of Australia’s favourite gay icon singers, and now she’s revealing her first new single in over a decade.
    Tina Arena’s new song is set to be released on iTunes on Friday September 27, and here’s your exclusive first chance to hear a remix version of the track.
    Titled You Set Fire To My Life, it was co-written by her and reflects on her real-life relationship with her husband.
    It’s an exciting time for Tina, who’s been announced as a part of the 2013 Dancing With The Stars cast, and has her autobiography, titled Now I Can Dance, out next month.
    Listen to the exclusive 7th Heaven Radio Edit below:

    The track will also be remixed by Cosmic Dawn and The Slips, with those versions to be released in early October. There’ll also be a video – and this photo is a little behind-the-scenes peek at it:

    Tina’s forthcoming new album will be released on October 18, and will be titled Reset.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Adam Lambert Will Sing Lady Gaga's 'Applause' On Upcoming 'Glee' Episode

    You Glamberts better put your hands up, and make 'em touch because the "American Idol" alum is coming to "Glee" and he's ready to blast some Lady Gaga on the McKinley High students.
    That's right everyone, gay worlds are colliding as Adam Lambert is set to guest star on the fourth episode of the upcoming season of "Glee" and will perform Gaga's latest single, "Applause."
    While there were rumblings online that Lambert would guest star as a drag queen and sing Gaga's "Judas," it looks like changes have been made (reportedly per Lambert's request) and he will no longer appear in drag.
    Lambert's episode will be the fourth in the season and will also be the installment following Cory Monteith's memorial episode, which will address the death of the actor, and by extension his character, Finn.
    Aside from prepping for his guest turn on "Glee," Lambert has also been keeping busy this summer by recording a track for Avicii's debut album, splitting from his record label and sitting at the center of rumors he would return to "American Idol," but this time as a judge.
    Lambert's version of "Applause" should be a memorable cover if nothing else and if you have any doubt that he can pull off Gaga then check out his fierce wig wearing (see the picture).
    "Glee" returns to Fox on Thursday September 26 at 9pm.

The truth about penis size

    Guys, how’s your penis? Happy with it? Some wish theirs was longer, bigger, thicker, stronger… But what’s the truth about penis size?
    The survey says…
    Research on penis size is remarkably and surprisingly consistent in its findings. Studies undertaken in the last few years all consistently report one ‘average’ penis size. So what is it? ( Drum roll please )… 5.6 inches, or 14.2 centimetres if you’re metrically inclined.
    To put that into perspective, the iPhone 5 is 4.87 inches in height, or 12.3 centimetres. So basically the average penis size is just a tad longer than your mobile.
    Now that measurement is for the length of the penis. There are other measurements that can be taken such as girth, or size of the penis head. But let’s face it, in our society the strange obsession we have with penis size comes essentially down to penis length. It also measures erect penis length, so it doesn’t take into account those who are show-ers not growers.
    Great (and unrealistic) expectations
    The figure of 14.2 centimetres surprised me. I don’t know why. I guess for all the fuss we make about penis length, I was expecting the average to be well, a bit bigger. I also think it comes down to depictions of penis size not only in pornography, but in media in general. Look at any recent underwear ad and the bulge that most models are carrying looks superhuman. Thanks to the wonders of Photoshop, maybe it is.

    Gay porn definitely sets an unrealistic standard for gay men. Apart from being fit and young, most performers are also hung. In some cases, very well hung. As it turns out though, these guys are the exception, not the norm. Porn serves a number of functions, fantasy being upon them. But it also plays a role in shaping how gay men perceive themselves, and their sexuality. Surely, there’s room in the industry to cater for men of varying penis sizes?
    It turns out, there is! A little Googling led me to discover a subsection of gay porn not only featuring, but celebrating ‘average sized’ guys. It was actually really refreshing to see this. And these guys are just as hot, sexually desirable and attractive as any other porn model. After all, some straight guys like big breasted women, some prefer smaller breasted women. Why can’t the same be true for guys? Why can’t we celebrate and enjoy a wider variety of penis sizes?
    I’d like to propose a reframing of the way we view penis size. Bigger isn’t necessarily better. While a lot of the appeal of a long penis is visual, it’s also not always practical. A long penis can actually be limiting. A friend of mine who happens to have a long penis has lamented that despite being blessed in the size department, there are certain things he can’t do with many guys. The fantasy and the reality of the situation are miles apart.
    The long… and the short of it
    There is no way to healthily and permanently extend or elongate a penis, without surgery at least. But what about all those spammy emails promoting pills, potions and all sorts of magic concoctions and ‘latest technology breakthroughs’? To that I say, don’t trust a business that relies on spam as a central component of its business model.
    “Look at any recent underwear ad and the bulge that most models are carrying looks superhuman.”
    Yes, the penis can be stretched and pumped to appear enlarged. You can also wear a device known as a cock ring which wraps around the base of the penis. It’s designed to stimulate blood flow and keep the blood flow in the penis, making it look bigger. But these measures are temporary. As soon as you stop doing them, you stop seeing the results.
    So, what about surgery? If women can get their breasts enlarged, surely guys can do the same with their penises. There are two main surgical options available, one to increase penis length, the other to increase girth. The length extension surgery involves dividing the hidden ligaments suspending the penis from the underside of the pubic bone. The effect of this is that it causes the penis to protrude up to about 4 centimetres (1.5 inches) forward. The girth surgery uses a process known as ‘fat transfer’, whereby fat from other parts of the body (generally around the abdomen) is injected under the penile shaft. This can result in an increase in size of up to 40%.
    Both procedures come at a cost, and with risks. These risks include complications arising out of infection, compromise to penile circulation with possible skin necrosis and bleeding, as well as anaesthesia risks. Ultimately, the surgery doesn’t produce that drastic an increase. It’s not like you can double the size of your penis, you can just add a little bit more to it.
    Whether you go down this route is obviously a personal decision. I don’t really have an opinion on it. Women get their breasts enlarged and we seem to accept that in our society. From that perspective, there should be a degree of equality afforded to men who choose to enlarge their penises. But at the same time, is all this cosmetic surgery masking unresolved self esteem issues? Would it perhaps be worthwhile to explore those first, and then consider surgery later?
    Learn to love what you’ve got
    It may not be easy to do (at least at first), but one of the best things you can do for the sake of your sanity and self esteem, is to simply accept what you’ve been given and learn to love it. After all, your penis has undoubtedly produced a lot of pleasure for you. Be kind to it. Set the expectation meter to ‘realistic’, see the beauty in what you have (hey, there’s no other penis like it) and embrace it.
    It doesn’t matter if it’s long, short, skinny, thick, veiny or smooth – it’s your penis. It’s a part of you. But it’s only on part of you. It doesn’t have to be your whole world. And it doesn’t define you. Being a compassionate, caring, fun, explorative lover will lead you to a more satisfying, passionate and fulfilling sex life than a giant penis alone would ever achieve. So embrace your penis, whatever its size.


Ex-footballer crowned Mr GayItalia

    26-year-old Giovanni Licchello, a former footballer from Brindisi, has been crowned Mr Gay Italia 2013.
    Licchello, an Iraqi refugee, who fled his home after his family asked for him to be killed because of his sexuality, was awarded a special prize for bravery after being left scarred for life when he defended a gay friend who was beaten in a nightclub.

    He spent two years in Germany before moving to Turin, where he was taken in by a gay couple.
    “I had two dads,” Licchello told the judges. “They looked after me and gave me the opportunity to study and work.”

    The award for Mr Gay Smile went to 39-year-old Michele Ratti, a maths and physics professor from La Spezia in northern Italy. He has been “openly gay since University and proud of it.”

    The competition was held at Mamamia gay club in Tuscany and is now in its 17th year.
    It’s happening as politicians resume a debate over an anti-homophobia law following the suicide of a 14-year-old boy in Rome who was bullied for being gay. Politicians and gay rights groups have now called for tougher punishments for those involved in hate crimes against homosexuals.

Obama named ‘hero of Russia’s gay rights movement’ by The Moscow Times

President Obama met with LGBT activists in Russia during his G20 trip to St Petersburg

President Barack Obama has been named one of Russia’s top gay rights heroes by The Moscow Times.
The US leader was placed at number five in the paper’s “5 Heroes of Russia’s Gay Rights Movement” photo gallery.
Moscow based LGBT campaigner Nikolai Alexeyev topped the list. Campaigners Dmitry Isakov, Igor Kochetkov and Anna Anisimova were ahead of President Obama.
Mentioning in its write-up of Mr Obama, The Moscow Times said: “American authorities have long raised questions about human rights and LGBT issues in Russia, and Obama sent a clear signal during his visit to St Petersburg for the G20 summit, where he organised a meeting with human rights and LGBT activists amid a busy schedule and ongoing negotiations regarding the conflict in Syria.
“The meeting was attended by investigative journalist Yelena Milashina, lawyer Ivan Pavlov of human rights organisation Memorial, and human rights activist Boris Pynstintsev, among others. Originally scheduled for 40 minutes, his meeting eventually lasted for 90 minutes.”
Earlier this month President Obama met with nine LGBT activists during his trip to St Petersburg for the G20 summit. He was so “energised intellectually and inspired” by their talks, the meeting lasted twice as long as expected.
Last month, in an interview with Jay Leno on NBC’s Tonight Show, President Obama was asked about the implementation of homophobic censorship laws in Russia.
The president replied saying he had “no patience for countries that try to treat gays and lesbians and transgender persons in ways that intimidate them or are harmful to them.”
Russia has said it will enforce the legislation when it hosts the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Everyone is Different (2012) by Sia Hermanides (Nederland)

Everyone is Different

Everyone is Different is a touching video from a Dutch website for LGBT youth, The website helps young people find ways to talk to their parents, friends and family as well as provides some great LGBT resources, especially on finding help. It also connects LGBT youth with others like them.
This video shows some of the more painful moments of alienation that LGBT teens experience while growing up. Everyone is different. That’s difficult, easy, accustomed, awkward, cool, logical, strange, amazing, wonderful, painful, fine, crazy, great, cool, stupid, especially, pleasant, unpleasant, delicious, ridiculous, funny , lousy, awesome, intricate: just the way we are.
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El mueble de las fotos/The piece of furniture (2008 ) by Giovanni Maccelli (Spain)

Plot: The piece of furniture in the living room is my family’s shop window. But the photos of the son and his husband have a place there? A gay couple came with a plan to gain a spot in the family photographs.
Cast: Fernando Núñez, Juan Beiro
Director: Giovanni Maccelli
Country: Spain
Release year: 2009
Duration: 2,5′
ESP - El mueble de las fotos del salón es el escaparate de mi familia. Es el típico obstáculo con el que tarde o temprano, todo hijo gay o hija lesbiana con pareja estable, acaba topando. Nunca un mueble hizo tanto por perpetuar los sólidos valores heterosexistas. Y nunca superar ese obstáculo hizo tanto por la dignidad e igualdad de las personas LGBT en nuestro ámbito doméstico.
ENG - The Piece of Furniture in the living room serves as one family’s proud and sacred window to their menaje. It is a typical guardian of heteronormative values. Friends are ok, as long as they don’t become gay partners, because then they cease to fit in the frames.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Poster Boy (2004) , gay themed drama

With the help of a hot, slightly older new acquaintence (Noseworthy), the closeted son (Newton) of a conservative U.S. Senator (Lerner) puts a shocking spin on his dad's re-election campaign.
Most reviews for this movie are quite negative, and I guess I am in the minority when I say this - but this movie was fantastic!!! It is not your traditional gay movie, actually it doesn't really have much of a gay focus which might annoy some people. It's more a coming of age story and is relate-able to everyone, no matter what your sexual orientation is. At first the plot of this movie might seem to move along too slowly, but that is simply to establish the characters and setting of the movie which is something that has to be done to fully appreciate this movie. When you look back on the movie, you do realize how everything fits in together perfectly, now that you know everything, although it might seem a little bit muddled halfway through the movie.

Some other users have commented on the movie not being multi dimensional, but I think that the way that the characters reacted are pretty realistic, and most people (generally) are multi dimensional but may only show one side of their selves for one reason or another, and don't forget that this movie is focused from the point of view of Henry Kray. It also has many plot twists, and though it has be commented upon that it is too predictable, I thought nothing of the sort. The characters are oddly unpredictable, and are like multi layered onions, many people might just look it and observe that is it just another gay movie, but it is not, it is so much more than that.

Devin & Glenn: Overturn Prop 8 and Make Homosexuals Marry! (2011) by Saatchi & Saatchi (US)

If you disagree with the homosexual lifestyle, why not overturn Prop 8 and make them get married, like the rest of us?

Justin Long and Mike White star as Devin and Glenn, a married gay couple, in this charming new PSA calling for the repeal of Proposition 8, a controversial constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriages in the state of California.
The couple go through the familiar stereotypical stages of married life, settling into bored routines and working through minor frustrations. Gay marriage isn't anything special, so why deny it?
Honestly, I can't imagine this winning over anyone who voted for Prop 8, but preaching to the choir never hurts when it's done this well. (Note: This video has a few NSFW moments.)

Noturno (2008 ) by Thiago Carlan and Martín Deus (Brazil and Argentina)

Like a burning fuse, desire runs through the streets of the sleeping city, and with its flare lightens the eyes of occasional lovers.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Tá/OK (2007) by Felipe Sholl (Brazil)

Two twenty-something boys in a public restroom. They sniff coke, talk about sex, get dirty. But the film takes on another tone as they reveal what it is that they really want.
Two boys in a public restroom. 2008 Teddy Award winner.
Short films don't always get the attention they deserve on some audience review sites, or from audiences in general, but often a short film can do in a matter of minutes something more entertaining and expansive than a feature film of much longer length. I feel that this film is such a work - the feelings, emotions, and desires of both of the characters are portrayed in both covert and overt ways, along with the joy, challenge and, at times, awkwardness of each young man's exploration of sex, sexuality and sexual preference. Simultaneously both frank and direct, and humorous and tender, the situation, action and interaction, plot and climax of the film are all developed in a way that was, for me, extremely entertaining and enjoyable. I look forward to further work from those involved with this film, which was screened in the 2008 Frameline LGBT Film Festival in San Francisco, as part of the "Worldy Affairs" program of short films.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

It’s Consuming Me (2012), short gay themed movie from Germany

DIRECTOR: Kai Stänicke 

A guy in the middle of the woods with a red phone can’t get the thought of his boyfriend out of his mind in It’s Consuming Me.

I can’t move on. I wish I could. But I’m caught in the thought of what could have been, losing my grip on reality. Another great video from the director of "Cold Star". 

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Half-Share , short gay themed comedy

Several gay friends rent a vacation cottage on Fire Island near New York City and are joined by another friend whose relationship with his boyfriend just ended.
30 minutes